Additional Blessings

God will determine the fruits, gifts and graces you will receive as a result of adding one of the 10 Practices to your life. And God will give you what God knows you need, based on your personality, the circumstances of your life, your needs, and – most important –  God’s will for you.

And here’s some great news, which you can take to the bank:

God’s will for you and the blessings God will shower on you will always be far better for you than anything you could desire or imagine for yourself! As Paul said in Romans 8:28, “God orchestrates all things for the good of those that love God.” You’ll find sprinkled throughout our  book dozens of possible benefits that God may bless you with as a result of your adding one of these practices to your life.

Here are just a few of the blessings that God may choose to give you:

  • Provide you greater access to God’s own love, wisdom and energy
  • Increase your overall physical, mental and emotional vitality and health
  • Reduce your worrying and anxiety
  • Help you curtail your addictive and compulsive behaviors
  • Help you curtail your addictive and compulsive thinking
  • Heighten your experience of peacefulness
  • Minimize the negative energy in your life, which will help you reduce negative thoughts and painful emotions as you make it easier for God to replace them with life-giving thinking and feeling.
  • Expand your positive energy and freedom, so you are better able to take advantage of the marvelous opportunities God is always giving you 
  • Strengthen your will, while simultaneously – and paradoxically – make your personality more pliable and able to embrace whatever you experience with peace and joy
  • Empower you to respond positively and peacefully to even the most difficult situations 
  • Give your life greater purpose and meaning
  • Improve your mood and overall temperament
  • Help your life achieve a higher level of integration – and a higher level of integrity
  • Improve your motivation and your behavior, which will cause your thinking and actions to be led by virtue, not by vice
  • Find God in all things, a key teaching of the Spiritual Master, Ignatius of Loyola
  • Find God in every circumstance you encounter
  • Find God in others
  • Find God in your suffering
  • Find God in your joy
  • Find God in everything you do and experience
  • Love others better, improve your relationships with loved ones and expand your capacity to love everyone you come in contact with
  • Expand your ability to accept others as they are without judging them or trying to change them
  • Discover God’s real presence and dynamic activity in yourself
  • Love yourself better
  • Expand your capacity for work and other activities
  • Sharpen your mental processes
  • Strengthen your creativity