Prescriptions for times of trouble

Scripture and the prayers which believers have written over the centuries are overflowing with specific passages that can give you valuable support when you are confronting a painful or difficult situation. 

After all, Scripture is the Word of God, so you can find there God speaking directly to you and your current challenging situation. 

Prayers were written by women and men who were just like you in this important respect: they knew they had to turn to God for guidance, strength and practical assistance. And, although they sometimes doubted, they believed that God would hear their prayers and respond to them with blessings and grace – though not necessarily the way they wanted God to respond.

We encourage you to turn to Scripture and prayer frequently when you are challenged. When you find a Scripture passage or prayer that touches you or seems perfect for your current situation, we suggest you hold onto it, copy it and return to it regularly.

You may want to merge them into one document that will grow longer and longer as you find additional passages and prayers help you. As your collection of scriptures and prayers expand, and as you use them regularly, you’ll be surprised how powerful this document can be strengthening your faith and moving you positively through difficult times so you come out stronger on the other side! 

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