10 Practices

Our book has 10 practices outlined for more info on each practice click on the practice below:

  1. Relating Intimately to God as a Real, Close Friend
  2. Taking the First Three Steps of the 12-Step Program Every Day
  3. Absorbing the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures – God’s Word  – Intended For Me
  4. Seeing Myself Accurately – and Loving Myself as I Really Am
  5. Centering Prayer: Resting Deeply in God in Silence – and Consenting to God’s Presence and Activity in My Life
  6. Worshiping Regularly in a Faith-based Community
  7. Meeting God by Serving Those in Need
  8. Talking Regularly with a Spiritual Director
  9. Cultivating Intimacy with God through Small Group Prayer
  10. Listening to Inspirational Music – God’s Music for you – Every Day