Small Group Prayer

Small group prayer provides many opportunities for deepening a personal relationship with God. Val Marie in her article “Benefits of Praying Together”, identifies 12 reasons for joining a prayer group. The following includes a few of those reasons.

1. Committing to pray with others on a regular basis brings consistency to prayers.
2. We get to share and celebrate in other’s answered prayers which grows our own faith.
3. The more you pray with others, the more comfortable you will feel praying with others.
4.We get to share our burdens. 

Don’t be afraid to begin a  prayer group. Identify people you enjoy and who believe in prayer. There is no “right way” to organize your prayer meeting. Read about components of a prayer meeting (several on-line articles available) and begin. Don’t over think it. The Holy Spirit is with you!

To read additional benefits of small group prayer and to obtain a A TOOL FOR BEGINNER PRAYER GROUPS