Spiritual Directors

The largest organization that can give you specific spiritual directors to consider and contact is Spiritual Directors International, a well-respected professional association of 6,000 spiritual directors, spiritual companions, chaplains and “life coaches.” SDI was founded by a small group of spiritual directors at the Roman Catholic Mercy Center in Burlingame, California in 1989. Its members, the great majority of which are professionally trained spiritual directors, live on 6 continents and represent 50 spiritual traditions.

The Spiritual Directors International website has a page entitled Find a Spiritual Companion that will allow you to specify the kind of person you are looking for, what spiritual tradition and orientation you come from, where you live and what kind of spiritual consultation you seek, as well as other preferences you might have, including gender and age range. SDI will then give you information about several individuals who fit your parameters whom you can consider and contact.

How can I find a spiritual director? 

If you search “spiritual direction” or “finding a spiritual director,” you will immediately find multiple organizations that can refer you to specific individuals or give you the information the you need to find a professional who fits with your particular locale, religious tradition and interests. Some of these organizations operate within a particular religious tradition; others are open to all religious traditions. 

For example, you can add any of these words to your Web Search for finding a spiritual director and find plenty of options to consider: Christian, Catholic, Lutheran, Episcopal, Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist.

The spiritual director that might work for you could be a consecrated sister, a lay person a Protestant minister, a priest, a brother, a rabbi, a guru or an Iman.